Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Bouncing Back

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Summer was a growing experience for Spritelings Inc.   A series of mishaps and unfortunate situations made the summer feel like the world was against us.   After a long battle with Etsy, we decided to give up our store and rebuild on Storenvy.  That change cost us quite a bit of heartache. Over the last year, we had built up quite a bit of SEO love in the kawaii plushie search on Etsy.   Their decision to shut us down has cost us quite a bit of sales and really did slow down our momentum for the summer.

That said, moving from Etsy was the best thing we could do to reboot our company.  We really don't want to be associated with Etsy anymore so it was probably better in the long run to make the break.

We have bounce back with planning our Fall 2015 release lineup candidates.   It is exciting because that gives us the ability to focus on what we love to do, create kawaii monster plushies and figures.

We also have been working on our marketing strategies to help spread the world of Spritelings to more people across the globe.

Here are a few of our design documents for you to enjoy.

The previous photograph highlights the work we did with fan focused designs for the Melon inspired version of Echo Spriteling and the Sushi inspired version of Echo.    Fans of the ultra kawaii Votter series picked the Votter for our fall release schedule.

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