Friday, July 10, 2015

Etsy Shuts Down Shop For Applying to Work with Partners

The following paragraph comes directly from the Etsy site.

Etsy's new policies allow you to partner with manufacturers to produce your designs. For example, you can work with a cut-and-sew shop to make clothes you've designed, a casting house that casts your wax models, or a digital printing house that turns your photographs into tangible items.

Apply for this and get your shop deleted no questions asked.  Reason:  They can't tell the difference between handmade and handmade with manufacturer help.   

I created my Etsy shop about eight months ago to sell my plush creatures called Spritelings.   Over the eight months, I have developed a wonderful fan base and Etsy had been a great partner for assisting me in selling my Spritelings.  

It became very clear to me that I would not be able to keep up with the demand so I recently took my design to a plush manufacturer and began researching how to include my new designs into my Etsy shop.   Etsy has an application process where you submit information about your partnerships and they will work with you to make sure your shop maintains compliance.

I submitted photos of my workspace and answered all of their questions.  I have a full studio here at my home where Spritelings are made and EVERY single Spriteling that I have sold on Etsy has been handmade.   I get an email back from Etsy that said my application was denied and that they have closed down my shop.   

I have developed a huge fan base that uses Etsy to browse my Spritelings.  I have built up a five star review and have comments from people that really meant something to me as a new business owner.

Here is my open letter to you Etsy!  I can't believe you have done this to my shop.


With all of the shady stuff that happens on Etsy, why would you shut my store down.  Why not decline my application to work with outside partners and work with me like your FAQ states.  You shut me down on a Friday and went home for the weekend.

Your reasoning was that you could not tell which Spritelings were factory made or not?   Why offer a program where you can apply to work with partners if you are going to deny the application and then delete a shop.

Why would you do this.  You obviously don't care about your shops anymore.  This proves it.

You deleted my shop and restricted my ability to do forum posts.  Are you serious?  Do your stockholders know how you are treating the people that make them money?

I guess I'm more upset about how much I have worked to maintain 5 star reviews, going over and beyond to get my stuff made and shipped out to get those reviews only to get deleted for simply applying for a program you actively promote.

Update:  We have a new shop.   


The following are photos that I had to send Etsy so they could 'verify' that I am handmade.   

What do you think world?   Do I make them by hand?

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